A collection of blog posts recounting my experience building with Wisdom Homes. In mid 2015, we started a build with Wisdom that will probably last until late 2016. I’ll show you what happens during admin and construction of a Wisdom Homes Abode 27.



  1. 15279099r · January 10, 2017

    I will be submitting tender with wisdom potentially in a few weeks.
    Just a quick question? What was your block size and what was the base price you were quoted and then the final price you ended up paying.
    You seem to have met with them in Jan 2015 then it’s taken just over a year from that date to completion is that correct?
    I plan on going through your blog bit by bit but thought I’d check a few things to give me context before I start.



    • ShuddaBeenATradie · January 10, 2017

      Hi Rachel, the house base price was 310k at the time we signed but we ended up paying 510k for the house in the end. We have a 540sqm block that’s 10m wide but 54m deep.

      If you’re wondering how we ended up 200k over base the big ticket items were facade (14k), kdr site costs (50k), alfresco (15k), wise choice promo (10k), a/c upgrade 5k, fancy bricks (26k), kitchen and laundry (17k), tiles and carpet (14k). You can see how everything just adds up quickly

      If i built again I’d do without the nice facade and nice bricks to save 40k.

      Hope that helps!


  2. 15279099r · January 11, 2017

    Hi wow that really does add up quickly doesn’t it. What are kdr site costs? Is that something specific or is it a type you requested.
    Also what do you mean by kitchen and laundry? What extras did you pay for that you didn’t have included?


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