Landscaping Progress

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had some quality time off with your families. We tried mostly to forget about our build during the Christmas/New Year period and just enjoy the time off.

Our SS pushed hard towards the end of last year to hand over by end of 2016 but in the end it was all too rushed and we’d prefer to take our time with PCI and handover in a few weeks from now when Wisdom is back from holidays.

We got W Landscapes to do a big package including the:

  1. Concreting around the house
  2. Replace the footpath
  3. Driveway
  4. Switch the layback
  5. Front fence in the same brick as the house
  6. Side fence in colorbond to match the opposite side

Here’s some progress shots from when I had a bit of a snoop around during the break, hopefully this is the last ‘progress’ post before I post the ‘final’ post. šŸ™‚

Footpath and driveway. Driveway is waiting for the fleck finish.img_3039

Concrete down the sides and around the back, got a pine landing with some steps made for outside the laundry and alfresco. Topsoil has been spread waiting for turf, they were quite generous with the topsoil.img_3042

More side more dirt and clay, just concrete waiting to be coloured.


Getting some fully finished interior pics through the windows, it’s waiting there for us to move-in….so close but the devil is in the details at the end.



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