Big Update – almost ready for gyprock!

Had an onsite meeting today to meet with Wisdom Landscapes today to talk about exact positioning of driveway + crossover, concrete and drainage around the house. Gave me a good excuse to have a gander around the interior of the house. We’ve had a lot of progress since the last update, insulation has been installed, A/C rough-in was completed and most of the lower bricks were cleaned. The finish line is in sight.

Insulation pics first. I was always of the mind that the only upgrades that really mattered was the internal insulation and the ceiling heights, if I was starting out today on a tight budget I’d get a base house and upgrade those 2 things + some electricals and that would be it :). Still kicking myself for not raising the upper storey to 2.7m but it is what it is now. We have 2.7m lower floor ceilings and 2.55m upper floor ceilings.

I specced Soundscreen on all the bedroom walls and in the floors between the joists. They’ve installed it now so I can get a really good sense of the sizes of the rooms throughout the house. Walking through the front door we can see the standard insulation in the living area and next to the garage wall.


Moving towards the back we have living/dining. The grey stuff is the soundscreen. It’s much heavier than the yellow stuff, hoping it gives a bit of mass to the walls.

img_2515 img_2513 img_2516 img_2511

Upstairs we have a lot more of the good grey stuff, here’s a bedroom decked out in Soundscreen. You can catch a glimpse of the A/C ducting.


This is the roof insulation, it’s much thicker than the wall insulation. I think I upgraded to R5 for a few hundred dollars extra. This is the A/C return vent.


Loving the lower brick clean too.

img_2539 img_2542 img_2544 img_2546

Gyprock is in the garage ready to go for next week!


The building inspection is scheduled for Monday just before the gyprock starts, stay tuned cos that will be my next post.


One comment

  1. missgoldy79 · September 22, 2016

    Looking great SBAT! Hoping it wont be too long for us all now. Love your exterior colour scheme too…


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